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Professional Standard Script Reports Available


Have a script you want read?

Open to any level of writer.



Let our in-house multi-award-winning writer/director, Peter, write a report for you.

Benefits of Script Reports:


  • Fresh eyes on your work are essential to the drafting stage.

  • A person to bounce potential ideas off before executing them is a massive time saver.

  • To clearly see what is working and what needs work.

  • Are all your character necessary? What are their wants and needs coming across as?

  • How did the script make me, the reader, feel? I firmly believe script reports should come with a small paragraph about emotions, and not just a dry nuts and bolts report. 


Peter’s Case Study: In 2019, I wrote a script in which one of the characters was not working, I was attached to him, but was too close to the fire to see it. I had a script report done and from that I confronted the hard truth that I needed to cut him and after I executed that note in the report, I had a tighter script.


Why me?


·       Award-Winning Writer/Director.

·       Filmmaking BA Graduate.

·       Specialised in Screenwriting at University.

·       Judge for The British Short Film Awards. 

·       Have been commissioned by professional producers.

·       Experienced in writing short films, feature films & episodic.

·       Experienced at giving notes and helping writers.

·       Friendly and Approachable.

·       Professional Standard.


What to expect:

·       Professional and detailed Script Reports.

·       Fast Responses.

·       Opportunity for ongoing support.

·       Zoom Calls and Email support if wanted.

·       Friendly and constructive conversations only.



Want on-going support?


Think of this like going to the gym and I'm your Personal Trainer.


The script report is your introductory fitness assessment and with my help, you will see what you are strongest at and what you can work on. 


You can take the report and go off and check back in with me or I can assist you after the report has been delivered to get you there. Or never see me again.


I won't write it for you, in the same way, a PT won't do the sit-ups for you. But my expertise will get six packs on your script. 

Cheesy? Sorry. I'm a writer, not a salesperson.

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