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Parakeet Pictures has experience developing both high and low budget short films, as well as multiple proof of concept projects. Parakeet Pictures aims to tell fresh, and authentic stories through the media of Film & TV. We are film graduates with the theoretical education from one of the UK's top film schools, Metfilm School. However, we also share a passion for the future and the new ways in which our generation tell stories. Our mix of traditional film school knowledge and fresh perspectives make us invaluable on a project that hopes to attract the attention of a young audience. We pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse in an industry often criticised for being stuck in its ways.


When we put a script into development, we ensure that it comes with a unique perspective and authenticity that many of the major film studios overlook. We believe in the market for spec scripts and the potential to grow and develop projects through every stage onto the big screen or into the homes of our audience.

Rocket Girl (Coming Soon) 
Directed by, Anna Cottrill
Punch UP  
Parakeet Media and Rainbird Film present
Starry Eyed (Short Film) 
Director, Anna Cottrill
Picture 24.png
Poster landscape website.jpg
Pray(Music Video) 
Artist/Singer, Peter Richardson 
Pray Website_edited_edited.png
House Poster_edited.jpg
Crisp Crisis (Short Film) 
Written by, Anna Cottrill
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