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The Team

The aim of Parakeet Media is to cultivate a core team of young creatives in the fiction Film & TV industry. We seek to continuously grow and make authentic, modern and heartfelt stories come together on screen. We believe in the benefit of pooling our individual talents as four multi-perspective people from various walks of life, bound by the aim to simply tell good stories. The core goal is to grow together as a team whilst challenging antiquated narratives within the industry that is hungry for freshness. We hope to inspire and encourage young filmmakers to join us, as in doing so, it ensures a vibrant and prosperous future for the entire industry. The future of filmmaking is now. 


Anna Cottrill


Anna is a promising editor and director, originally from Kent, UK,  In 2019 Anna moved to London to study a BA in Practical Filmmaking at MetFilm School, graduating in 2022 with first class honours. Anna has been commended by many for her unique and quirky ideas, with a special interest in exploring peoples perspectives and stories through the medium of film and animation.


Complimenting her creativity is her passion and drive for delivering educational and informative award-winning documentaries. Anna's latest animated short 'Teach Me' explores the topic of SEN in school through the children's own voices.

Anna has developed exceptional skills working with Adobe Premier Pro and the full Adobe suite, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut.

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Jakob Schröcksnadel


Jakob is a skilled Austrian born cinematographer who prior to moving to London worked in the marketing department of a global media technology company. In 2018 Jakob relocated to the UK to start his career in the camera department. Jakob graduated in 2022 with a first class honours in Practical Filmmaking from the MetFilm School. During his studies Jakob has developed prolific skills working with Arri Alexa, Sony, Red, Black Magic and Canon cameras. 

Jakob notes "Ever since I can remember films comforted me. They provide an atmosphere in which I can relax and put my problems on hold. As a Cinematographer, I can bring stories to life for people to enjoy in their own special way. Creating the best visuals for all the unique stories out there is my passion."


Joe Andrews


Joe is an emerging Producer from Worcestershire, UK. After a year of working in hospitality management, and a year  volunteering at the Birmingham REP Theatre Joe moved to London to follow his true passion for Film and TV. In 2022 Joe graduated with with first class honours in Practical Filmmaking from the MetFilm School.

Joe has been described as having "a passion for bringing stories from page to screen. His organised and level headed approach to dealing with productions of any size gives him a sense of professionalism beyond his years."

This professionalism was rewarded in 2021 when he became an award winning Producer for his work on the short Tequila Dream, helping to win Best Student Film at Birmingham International Film Festival, The British Short Film Awards and Florence Film Awards.


Peter Lavery


Born in Dublin Ireland, Peter is a talented up and coming writer. From a young age Peter opened a multitude of businesses, starting in event promotion and planning, then moving into the hospitality industry.  In 2019 he moved to London to dedicate himself to his passion for storytelling, graduating with a BA in Practical Filmmaking from the MetFilm School in 2022.  

In 2021 Peter became an award winning director for his short narrative film Tequila Dream, winning Best Director at Prague International Film Festival and Best Student Film at Florence Film Awards. 

Tequila Dream and its writing has been descried as  funny, unexpected and relatable for viewers of all ages. 

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