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'Pictures Of Our Past' Fundraising Launch

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the early development and fundraising stages for our new upcoming short LGBTQ+ film set in the 1970s.

Our film 'PICTURES OF OUR PAST’ starts in the present with a now older Jane and Catherine as they reconnect after decades of being apart, the pair are transported back in time to the year 1979, where we explore their younger selves in the queer punk scene in Brighton and follow Jane and Catherine as they navigate a pivotal moment in their relationship. Jane is a romanticist she is confident and purposeful whilst Catherine remains reserved, timid and fearful of the unknown, but Catherine had a decision to make, did she stay in Brighton and accept her offer of University or did she follow Jane, her muse up to London where it all seemed to be happening?

Enjoy a few pictures that we took from our concept photoshoot down in Brighton last month! We can’t wait to share more about this project and all the exciting people we have involved!

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